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Rimini airport: distance 2.4 km on foot or by taxi.

Alternatively, it is possible to walk to the Metromare "Miramare Airport" stop and then get off at the "D'Annunzio Nord" stop and take the remaining stretch of road along Via Guido Cavalcanti.

Riccione railway station: next to the Riccione train stop, there is also the Metromare stop. Take the Metromare from Ceccarini Riccione Station and get off at the D'Annunzio Nord stop. From here, continue for 550 meters on foot along Via Guido Cavalcanti.

Car: leaving the motorway at Riccione, turn left into via Enrico Berlinguer and proceed to the SS16 which you take in a northerly direction. Once you reach the Rotonda delle Vele, take Via Emilia and proceed to the sea, or Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio, always going north for 550 metres.

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